A project crafted literally from scratch, in this case we tried to go over and beyond any expectations. Starting with the logo concepts and brand identity, creating custom 3D models for different products, understanding the demands of the consumer’s persona, we created a truly unique packaging that stays in harmony with the logo design, giving the feel of a premium and organic CBD oil that gives what it stands for: transparency in terms of ingredients and a high quality product that makes your everyday life perfectly balanced.

Logo design

The idea behind the logo was to implement the two initials d+v but also to bring a touch of nature by the leaves which transforms into a drop suggesting the organic origin of the CBD oil.


Icon set

The modern, clean and elegant approach required the same sophisticated style in the icon set as well. We applied a gold gradient effect here with a thin line weight to give the icons a premium look and feel.



green dispensary-typography


green dispensary-typography

Color usage

green dispensary-colors

Before & After

On the left there is the custom made 3D model, so called as “clay version” of the product, on the right there is the final rendered version with every little detail applied on it.

green-dispensary-clay-before green-dispensary-render-after

Crafting the final product