Onefox was founded in 2019.

We are a creative team of professionals with a focus on branding identity, web design, and UI/UX. We build and transform your brand while we keep you constantly updated and help you to engage with your customers efficiently. That is the official version.

Meet the foxes

As a full service design agency we create meaningful brands, websites and diverse digital products that connects with your target audience.

By choosing us you are ensured that the whole process of your project is controlled and secured by us from start to finish. 

We are one of the few design studios where the owners of the business are the creators of work and serve as primary contact for every client.

Honest Introduction

We think that everyone here on Earth has a purpose. Our purpose is to make people’s life easier and simpler. For that we have a great tool that is called: Design. In addition to our passion for design, we bring a wealth of knowledge from our engineering backgrounds. If you are an engineer you learn one thing quite quickly: How to approach and solve problems. So we like to design stuff but also to solve complex problems. This dual perspective gives us a headstart cause we already know what developers will ask when they open our designs. By seamlessly integrating creativity with problem-solving, we deliver solutions that not only look great but also function flawlessly and gives our clients and their audience a peace of mind. And in the end, knowing we’ve made someone’s life a little bit easier, simpler and better is all we could wish for.