What made Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk succeed? Was it their technology or their mindset? An entrepreneur’s mindset is their most critical asset, yet few of us ever take the time to craft it, to purposefully select and sharpen the mindset(s) we desire. The A360 team will also work with you to sharpen and reinforce these mindsets so they help to guide your decisions, investments, and outcomes.

Abundance360 is Peter Diamandis’ year-round Mastermind and Executive program. It is Singularity University’s highest-level program. The task was to create a really engaging & eye-catching website that reflects professionalism and the “Moonshot” thinking. We also wanted to keep the dark style of the previous brand so people would recognize it easier when entering the website.

Custom iconography

The following icon set was created to reflect the techy and clean style we were aiming for:


Color palette


An astronomical level web design